Brīvais vilnis



Ostas iela 1, Salacgrīva, Latvia LV-4033

Telephone: (+371) 64000210

Fax: (+371) 64071331


Salacgrīva JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS is located on the right bank of the Salaca River, on the east coast of the Gulf of Riga. It is 100 km from Riga.

The Salaca River has brought much water to the sea from that day, when the fisher collective farm was founded. On 26 April 1949, the Fishing Industry Ministry of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic confirmed a new economic unit – the Salacgrīva fishermen’s cooperative association BRĪVAIS VILNIS.

After Latvia regained independence and economic reforms were commence, in 1992, the fisher collective farm was transformed into a joint stock company, thus starting a new period in the company’s history.

In a short period of time, the enterprise become one of the largest and most economically stable fish processing enterprises in the Baltics, becoming a flagship for others.

JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS is the first company in the Baltics to obtain compliance certification of the EU Directive 91/493/EEC, which permits the company to export goods to the EU member states.

JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS was the first Baltic fish processing company, which started producing canned fish in lithographed Hansa 190 g and Dingly 100 g easy-open cans. Only after the market accepted this type and look of packaging did other canned fish producers in the Baltics venture to invest in such lines.

JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS is the first processing company in the CIS countries to start producing, exclusive canned fish; to be more exact, our company discovered this segment of the market and are now the only one that works in this segment.

JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS is the only fish processing company in the Baltics that has acquired special fish sorting equipment, which enables the company to control and guarantee consistent quality of goods.

Our company is an active member of the Association Rigas šprotes. This organization also holds the trademark Rīgas šprotes eļļā, strictly controls the quality of the products produced by the members of the association and develops recommendations for improving quality.

JSC BRĪVAIS VILNIS currently employs approximately 800 employees. The range of products made and offered exceeds 70 items and the company is in the process of constantly extending the range of fish products.

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