Karavela Ltd

Atlantijas 15, Riga LV-1015

Telephone: 67496400

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E-mail: kaija@kaija.lv


In 1882 a businessman named Arnolds Sarensens established a company in Riga engaged in the production of tin cans and diversified canned products. In due course of time the products won the hearts of customers and the businessman started expanding the variety with different fish products.

After World War I a flying seagull with a fish in its beak became the trademark of the factory. This can be considered the time, when the enterprise strengthened its position in the market and created its own brand so consumers could more easily distinguish the products produced by this cannery from the goods of other enterprises.

The enterprise rapidly developed in the time of the Latvian economic revival in the thirties, producing not only canned fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, berries and mushrooms, but also various tin accessories required in a household.

After World War II, the enterprise constantly increased production volumes and constantly made investments in the modernization and development of its production. Along with this begins the production of a new variety of products, as well as the production of cookery and smoked fish.

In the mid 80s, the enterprise developed into the leader of the canned fish and cookery production in the territory of the former USSR and became a training base for other enterprises of those times.

Today, Karavela Ltd is one of the largest fish processing enterprises in the Baltic States. The main specialization of the enterprise is fish products from Atlantic fish and in various packaging. Currently, canned fish and fish fillets are produced, but in the nearest future the workshop of cookery goods will be certified, which will allow our clients to receive an even bigger choice of fish products. The trading results of 2005 testify to the rapid growth of the enterprise, when the turnover reached 8 million EUR and the profit was just short of 400 thousand EUR. The number of employees has reached 200 people. The enterprise has all certificates of compliance, which permit it to export products to EU member states. Today the enterprise works in more than 20 export markets.

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