Līcis 93


Līcis-93 Ltd.

Ostas iela 1, Talsi region, Roja, Latvia, LV-6234.

Telephone: (+371) 63291780

Fax: (+371) 63291781

E-mail: info@licis-93.lv

Līcis-93 Ltd. is one of the largest producers of canned fish in Latvia.

The company has two fish-processing workshops situated on the coast of the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea in the cities of Kolka and Ģipka.

Līcis-93 Ltd. has a fishing fleet that allows for the quick delivery of fresh fish to the factory for processing, thus providing a high-quality production of canned fish.

The main type of production is sprats in oil, which are produced according to old traditions.

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