Unda Ltd

Jūras iela 60, Engure, Tukuma raj., Latvia, LV 3113

Telephone/Fax: (+371) 63181117



The company works with the production of canned fish; its beginnings date back to 1931, giving the company more than 70 years of experience in the production of the traditional Latvian and world-renowned canned fish Rīgas šprotes eļļā (Riga sprats in oil).

Unda got its name in the year 1992, when, in the course of the privatization of joint stock company Engure (formerly known as the collective farm of fishermen Padomju Zvejnieks), the new enterprise UNDA Ltd, was segregated from the shares and founded. Along with the new name came a breath of fresh air - the production volumes grew and the number of enterprise employees increased.

The enterprise is situated in Engure, directly on the coast of the Gulf of Riga, approximately 80 km to the west from Riga in the fishermen village, where fishing and fish processing are the day-to-day and lifestyle of the population.

More than 370 people are employed by the company approximately 60% of these employees are live in Engure. The company also owns two Baltic type fishing ships, which provide the most direct delivery of the fish caught to processing in such a way that the enterprise is provided with fresh, just caught, high-quality raw goods.

UNDA Ltd produces more than 50 types of canned fish, both from Baltic Sea fish – Baltic herring, sprat, smelt and cod, and from ocean fish - herring, pilchard, sardines and mackerel, both in the traditional small, round small cans, and in the modern Hansa, Club and Dingley type easy-open cans. Rīgas šprotes eļļā (Riga sprats in oil) are produced with a special pride and joy – it is a product popular the world round with its unique taste.

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