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History and Traditions

Due to its geographical position (500 km coastal area) and old fishing traditions, Latvia has been known as the country of fish products and production since the olden days.

The oldest and the most recognizable fish product produced in Latvia are canned sprats. It is said that the production of canned sprats began around 1892 in the fish-processing workshop on the coast of the Gulf of Riga. 5,982,000 small cans of sprats were produced in the year 1911.


Due to the specific taste features, which are provided by the traditional smoking method by using alder wood in the smoking process, the Latvian canned sprats have been the consumer favourite for more than one hundred years.

Since the 1950s in the territory of Latvia, the processing and canning of other Baltic Sea fish has rapidly developed in parallel to the sprats production – Baltic herring, smelt and cod, as well as a group of ocean fish - herring, hardhead, pilchard, sardines, mackerel, etc.

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