The ULFPI Submits Proposals on Export Support to the Latvian Export Promotion Board

26 May 26 2008

The ULFPI submits proposals on export support to the Latvian Export Promotion Board. The proposals will be considered during the meeting of the Export Promotion Board in July of this year.

— To perform the changes in the customs duty export procedures, to re-establish the export of Latvian goods through the Latvian customs duty warehouses.

— Using state finances, to fully finance the participation of the export capable branches in international exhibitions, to finance the creation and functioning of the stands of branches.

— To cancel the tax on real estate for production companies.

— The introduction of export credit guarantees.

— To support the export of goods with added value. The guarantee of the state credits for processing companies regarding stock formation of raw material.

— To support the association of companies. The guarantee of state credits for enterprise amalgamation activities.

— To promote the improvement of competition circumstances for Latvian enterprises in the foreign markets, for example, the cancellation of the import customs to the CIS states.

— To appoint one “roof” ministry, which manages and co-ordinates (lobes) the Latvian economical interests in the foreign markets and in EU institutions.

— To define the support to the branches and companies with a high export capacity as the government priority, accordingly clarifying to state institutions officers their new tasks, providing a “favourable regime” for the export capable branches from the site of the state administration.

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